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New pictures added Sept 15, 2018, Corner cupboard in Tiger Maple.


A look at some of the pieces I've built

I have been making furniture for 45 years. For me it remains a hobby and not a business.   I am primarily interested in American period furniture from the mid to late 1700's as well as the work of the Shakers. Hand tools are used extensively in creating these pieces.

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I am honoured to have one of my pieces, a Massachusetts Queen Anne side chair featured in the 2018 annual publication "American Period Furniture", the journal of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers.


Corner cupboard. Tiger maple, 85 inches high. The glass door has 192 hand cut miter joints plus 26 mortise and tenon joints. Old wavy glass was used.


Cherry chest of drawers

Single board top and sides, primary wood Cherry, Tulip Poplar secondary wood.  Ogee bracket feet and medallion pulls.  Based on examples from New England, circa 1750.  Finished with BLO and shellac.


Pencil Post Bed

Pencil Post bed, tiger maples, aniline dye stain, orange shellac finish, full size.  Post height 81 inches.  All surfaces hand planed.

Post top finial
Detail of lamb's tonge transition


Porringer Top Table

Painted poplar base, black milk paint over red.  Top is tiger maple.


Two drawer pad-foot side table

Base is painted poplar, black milk paint over red with a final coat of BLO.  Top and drawer fronts are tiger maple.


Queen Anne tilt top table in Walnut

Walnut, dished top, finished in shellac, based on an example circa 1740.


Queen Anne side chair, circa 1740, Massachusetts.  In cherry and made almost entirely with hand tools due to the many curves and compound angles of the various components.  The slip seat is upholstered using period methods, a joined frame, jute webbing and various components under the upholstery.   Finished in amber shellac.

Side view

Back view


Dining room wood bodied chandelier

An 8 arm wood bodied chandelier with hollow ceiling hook.


Tall Post Bed

A queen size tall post bed in cherry. Post height is 81 inches.


Map chest

A utilitarian piece for storing large plans or maps with six dovetailed drawers.  Painted cabinet with lacquered drawers, size 41 X 28 X 26.


8 arm chandelier

A chandelier in my kitchen.  The wood core is painted pine, the arms, pans and other parts are chemically blackened steel.  The power cord snakes through the hollow hook fastening the light to the ceiling.

Queen Anne Dressing table

Also called a 'Lowboy', this piece is based on a 1760 antique from Massachusetts.  It has single board sides and the drawers are dovetailed front and back by hand.  Finished in shellac.

Tea Table

Massachusetts tea table in cherry.  Based on similar examples circa 1780.  Finish is orange shellac over BLO with one coat of low gloss lacquer.  The candle slides can be retracted into the skirt.

Small chest of drawers

 Small chest of drawers, Tiger maple, dye stain followed by BLO and shellac.  Graduated drawers.  Hardware from Lee Valley.  Based on similar New England chests from the late 1700's.

Corner Cupboard, in cherry.  I made this piece many years ago and have just found a photo of it to post on the site.  The door contains 12 individual panes of glass, known as a divided light door.


Keeping Box

A small chest with holly inlay escutcheon, in cherry with bread board ends on the top.


Walnut tilt top tables

The larger table has a dished top, turned on the lathe.

Tall clock

A reproduction of an 18th century tall clock from Ohio.  Finished in milk paint from Real Milk Paint Co.  Reproduction face, hardware antiqued in the shop.

Linen Press

This piece is a near copy of a 1780's linen press at MESDA in Salem, NC. It doubles as a media cupboard so I used full height doors on the lower case. A drawer hides behind the doors and contains CDs. The upper part houses the TV and DVD player behind the tombstone doors, the lower a stereo and speakers.

I used dovetailed bracket feet rather than the original's ogee bracket feet. The feet support a plinth on which the case rests. The finish is aged milk paint, red over black followed by a darkened oil topcoat.

The Rat tail hinges are by Fisher Forge, the escutcheons by Ball and Ball , milk paint by The Real Milk Paint co

Comb back arm chair

A slightly different version of the comb back arm chair shown below on this blog.  I modified the leg turnings, the arm posts and the rake and splay angles of the legs and arms.  The color is Real Milk Paint's deep Windsor green over red over Behlen's American walnut NGR stain.  The top coat is 3 coats of Watco light walnut danish oil.

Fireplace Mantel

This is not a copy of any particular mantel but it fits the fireplace nicely. The style dates from the late 1700's. Another mantel in a similar style can be seen here.

Connecticut Highboy

In cherry, finished with oil and shellac. Two drawers have fan carvings. The hardware is by Horton Brasses

The dovetails are hand cut and the piece has 158 dovetails in total. The upper case joints are also dovetailed but these dovetails are hidden by the cornice and waist mouldings.