Continuous arm Windsor chair

Painted, dark red milk paint over a lighter red milk paint.


Martin said...

Can you tell me your exact colors and brands for the two red milk paints? I have a continuous arm that I made in a class, and my wife would like it dark red or red brown. She does not like the black over red combo.


Martin said...

I would like to know the exact brand and colors you used. My wife does not like the black over red, and I have a continuous arm chair that I need to paint. She would like brown or dark red brown, and I think your color might work.



Herman Veenendaal said...

Martin, the first coat was a red that is no longer available, but the closest would be 'bright red' available from www.realmilkpaint.com

Follow that with the barn red from milkpaint.com or 'red' from realmilkpaint.com.

After rubbing out it was finished with two coats of Minwax antique oil which is really and oil varnish mix, so getting the excess off is important lest you end up with a gummy mess.

One final note, red over black can be a nice finish. If you look at the linen press on the first page of my blog,
that is finished in 'red' over black both from realmilkpaint.com and followed by two coats of Watco Danish oil in the medium walnut colour.


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