Fan back side chair.


Anonymous said...

I love what you did there!Elena.

José said...

A very nice piece of artwork. I have always loved the simple beauty of the Windsor design. I came across your website while looking for colour ideas for an old corner cupboard I would like to cover with more than one milk paint color tone.

Rebecca said...

I would also like to know how you achieve the old worn look of the windsor chairs (step-by-step would be helpful since I'm a novice at this!).

I have a table that came out of a barn to refinish and would like to follow your method!

I saw your chair on the Real Milk Paint website and was so impressed! I am particularly interested in the timing of applications.......how long did you allow each application to dry/cure before applying the next?

Best regards, keep the great work coming!

Herman Veenendaal said...

Rebecca, I started with a coat of stain on the chair, specifically an NGR stain colour American Walnut. I then put on one coat of barn red milk paint, allowed that to dry and steel wooled it smooth. This was followed by a coat of dark Windsor green from Real Milk Paint co., and when dry it too was steel wooled smooth with additional wear given to the hand holds and arm posts. Use 0000 steel wool. I rub until the underlying colour just begins to show through.

Then I applied a little more stain over areas that I had worn down with the steel wool and finally covered everything with a coat or two of Danish oil from Flecto in the dark walnut colour. In a few places like the arm posts I applied a little hide glue between the red and the green coats which caused the green to crackle a bit.