Walnut tilt top tables

The larger table has a dished top, turned on the lathe.

Tall clock

A reproduction of an 18th century tall clock from Ohio.  Finished in milk paint from Real Milk Paint Co.  Reproduction face, hardware antiqued in the shop.

Linen Press

This piece is a near copy of a 1780's linen press at MESDA in Salem, NC. It doubles as a media cupboard so I used full height doors on the lower case. A drawer hides behind the doors and contains CDs. The upper part houses the TV and DVD player behind the tombstone doors, the lower a stereo and speakers.

I used dovetailed bracket feet rather than the original's ogee bracket feet. The feet support a plinth on which the case rests. The finish is aged milk paint, red over black followed by a darkened oil topcoat.

The Rat tail hinges are by Fisher Forge, the escutcheons by Ball and Ball , milk paint by The Real Milk Paint co

Comb back arm chair

A slightly different version of the comb back arm chair shown below on this blog.  I modified the leg turnings, the arm posts and the rake and splay angles of the legs and arms.  The color is Real Milk Paint's deep Windsor green over red over Behlen's American walnut NGR stain.  The top coat is 3 coats of Watco light walnut danish oil.

Fireplace Mantel

This is not a copy of any particular mantel but it fits the fireplace nicely. The style dates from the late 1700's. Another mantel in a similar style can be seen here.

Connecticut Highboy

In cherry, finished with oil and shellac. Two drawers have fan carvings. The hardware is by Horton Brasses

The dovetails are hand cut and the piece has 158 dovetails in total. The upper case joints are also dovetailed but these dovetails are hidden by the cornice and waist mouldings.

Painted flat to the wall cupboard

Inspired by a Lincoln county piece featured in Howard Pain's book. The width was modified to suit a smaller dining room. The piece sits on a plinth base with fully dovetailed corners. The upper doors feature true divided lights. Finished in milk paint and linseed oil.

Comb back arm chair

With knuckle arms and carved volutes at the ends of the crest rail. The back is taller than most examples of its type.
Inspired by similar chairs made by Bruce Chambers of Cookstown, Ontario and Chris Harter of Madison NY.
Detail of arm and knuckle handhold shown as well as the carved volute at the ends of the crest rail.

Bird cage Windsor chair

Deceptively simple in appearance, this is the most difficult Windsor chair to make. Designed by the late Woody Scoville of East Calais, Vermont who generously shared the measurements with me.

Philadelphia arm chair

One of the earlier forms of windsor furniture with a large D shaped seat, ball and cylinder feet and carved volutes at the ends of the crest rail.

Sack back Windsor chair

With knuckle arms. Painted in a deep Windsor green in milk paint with a top coat of oil.

Hoop back side chair

The curved back has a slight reverse curve just above the seat to give it a lighter and more elegant appearance.

Fan back side chair.

Writing arm windsor.

This chair is not a copy of an historic chair but was designed by David Goodwin who shared the plans with me.

Sack back arm chair with crest rail.

Painted in dark windsor green over red with a coloured oil finish.

Carved volutes at the ends of the crest rail.

Continuous arm Windsor chair

Painted, dark red milk paint over a lighter red milk paint.

Dining room

Showing a tapered leg table with pine top and breadboard ends, the base painted in black over red milk paint, several windsor chairs and a flat to the wall cupboard.

On the floor - a painted canvas floorcloth in the mariner's compass pattern.

Wood and metal chandelier

6 lamps, blackened metal arms and bobeches with hand forged ceiling hook.

6 inch canopy.

Hanging wall cupboard

Cherry, finished in shellac. Divided light door with restoration glass. A small drawer gives additional storage.

Kitchen table

This table has a cherry top with breadboard ends and a
single drawer.

Slant top desk

Based on the piece by Ontario cabinet maker John Doan as seen in Howard Pain's book but in cherry rather than bird's eye maple.

The small interior drawers are in birds eye maple.

Shaker candle holder

The Shakers hung these lamps on the peg rails seen in all Shaker dwellings. This one is electrified and includes a swallowtail joint on the front edge of the tray.

Tilt top table

In cherry with snake feet. The dished top can be tilted vertically. The legs are dovetailed into the column.

Shaker oval boxes

A nest of 5 boxes in painted maple with swallowtail joints.

Built in bookcase

Painted pine and birch with adjustable shelves.

Appalachian dulcimer

In cherry with hummingbird sound holes, scrolled head with African black-wood pegs.

Chippendale camel back sofa

I made the frame and the upholstery was completed by Richard Haines.

Restored portrait

Portrait of George Brown, one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation
This is an old oil on linen portrait I picked up at an auction for a buck. It was in deplorable condition and so dirty one had to look carefully to even see a face. A large gash bisected the upper left part of the face and many small areas had loose or flaking paint.

I carefully repaired the painting and remounted it onto canvas as the linen was badly deteriorated.
After numerous cleanings I sent it to my brother Bert, an accomplished artist who retouched all the damaged areas and the repaired gash.

The painting is signed 'T Barfoot'. The painting may have been done by an itinerant artist.  Thus far I have not been able to find any information on the artist.

Walnut cabinet

Measuring 22H X 21W with a single drawer behind the two doors.

Upholstered wing chair

This is my new wing chair. The legs are in the Chippendale style in cherry. The overall height is 47.5 inches. The fabric is 'Historic Deerfield flamestitch'.

The joints in the frame are either mortise and tenon or dovetails. I've never been a fan of dowels, even in upholstered furniture.


Cherry, finished in shellac. The height has been reduced by 2.5 inches to accomodate a smaller dining room. Normally such pieces are approximately 39 inches tall.

Fireplace mantel

This fireplace is in an upstairs room. The design is similar to the other mantel on this blog but it has been scaled down to fit the smaller firebox of a gas fireplace.

A painted canvas floorcloth livens up the floor.

Black Smith shop

Here is my  black smith shop, behind the main shop.

The trim includes eave returns and frieze boards along the gable and side walls.

A water table board was included for authenticity. The windows each have 9 divided lights and were entirely made in the wood shop.