Home, St. Marys, Ontario

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New pictures added March 26, 2018, Chest of drawers in Cherry.

A look at some of the pieces I've built

I have been making furniture for 43 years. For me it remains a hobby and not a business.   I am primarily interested in American period furniture from the mid to late 1700's as well as the work of the Shakers. Hand tools are used extensively in creating these pieces.

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Cherry chest of drawers

Single board top and sides, primary wood Cherry, Tulip Poplar secondary wood.  Ogee bracket feet and medallion pulls.  Based on examples from New England, circa 1750.  Finished with BLO and shellac.

Pencil Post Bed

Pencil Post bed, tiger maples, aniline dye stain, orange shellac finish, full size.  Post height 81 inches.  All surfaces hand planed.

Post top finial
Detail of lamb's tonge transition

Porringer Top Table

Painted poplar base, black milk paint over red.  Top is tiger maple.

Two drawer pad-foot side table

Base is painted poplar, black milk paint over red with a final coat of BLO.  Top and drawer fronts are tiger maple.

Queen Anne tilt top table in Walnut

Walnut, dished top, finished in shellac, based on an example circa 1740.